3 Preconceptions about skiing

3 Preconceptions about skiing

It seems like skiing is one of the popular winter sports with most preconceptions related to it – “it's just too expensive,” “skiing is pure luxury,” “I don't need all that equipment,” “… it's just a boring sport.”

If you are one of those people with negative preconceptions about skiing, read on:

Skiing gets cold, and you need a lot of clothes

Forget about large wool jackets and vests (unless you're a fashionista). Contemporary ski apparel is made from modern waterproof material which is light in weight, while keeping you warm. The same goes for ski socks, which contain reinforced fabric areas. Aside from the clothing, physical activity that you exert while on the snow contributes to the rise of your body temperature. This means you will need a spare t-shirt when your first one gets wet!

”I don't need my own personal equipment”

It is much more cost-effective to rent skiing equipment if you won't be skiing for more than a week. However, it is recommended to at least own a pair of ski boots, as they are the most important component of your skiing arsenal. It is crucial that they match your foot size perfectly and that they suit you well, in order to avoid bruising and more severe injuries. Another important element of skiing equipment are ski goggles, which are recommended to be double lensed and have ventilation. Regular sunglasses tend to become foggy after a short while, impairing your vision and preventing you from having a good time on the snow.

Sarme (cabbage rolls) in the trunk

Most skiers choose apartments equipped with kitchens as accommodation during their ski trip, with at least one supermarket nearby. It is very easy to get all the supplies you need in locations like these. If you, however, like to carry your own food on your skiing trip, maybe you should opt for a vehicle with greater trunk capacity to comfortably fit a couple pots of Croatian sarma.

Be well prepared for the best winter vacation and enjoy your ski trip. If we were able to convince you of how fun skiing can be, look into our special offer “Skiing for team” and choose the perfect vehicle for yourself and your skiing buddies!

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