Cover of the vehicle on the ferry

Cover of the vehicle on the ferry

What most of our customers don’t know is that the cover of a rented vehicle on the ferry is charged additionally. The basic car cover doesn’t include the possible damage which might occur on the ferry.

You have the option to choose one of three cover types, each with its own set of advantages.

If you want to rent a car for a vacation in one of our regional offices in Pula, Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik and visit our most beautiful islands, we would certainly recommend additional ferry coverage.

Because of the tight space on the ferry, there is a higher likelihood of small and sometimes even bigger damages. Another reason for potential damages is the weather conditions, which are more unpredictable at sea.

The Maritime Code of the Republic of Croatia states that the ferry carrier is responsible for the damage if the event causing the damage occurred during the carriage. Also, everything transported by a ferry is luggage. Therefore, when you are boarding a ferry and buying a ferry ticket, your car is, in legal and technical terms, luggage.

If damage to the car occurs during ferry transport, the most important thing is to determine responsibility. It is essential to distinguish the damage caused by the (ferry) driver from those caused by you or another driver. If the damage is caused by another driver, s/he or her/his insurance company will cover the damages, regardless if the damage was caused on the ferry, on the road or somewhere else. Compulsory cover package for each insured and registered vehicle covers the damages that have occurred on any area where traffic takes place. Because of the variety and unpredictable nature of these situations, we would certainly recommend that you travel safely and book the cover of the vehicle on the ferry if you plan to use ferries as one of your means of transport.

We offer the possibility to cover the rented car from damage to the ferry. For pricing, please check the pricelist of additional RIDECAR services or contact us at any time. You have the option to choose one of three cover types, each with its own set of advantages. For further information feel free to get in touch by email: reservations@ridecar.hr or by phone: 072 800 500.

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