Easter around Croatia

Easter around Croatia

With free GPS, discovering new regions of Croatia becomes easier

Holy days are the ideal time for traveling, a place to relax and socialize with the family and your closest friends. Have a pleasant surprise at your household, surprise them, and head out to some of the areas of Our Beautiful lands and celebrate Easter in a new, exciting environment.

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The spring sun rays come hand in hand with Easter and simply lure people to the warmer regions. The green peninsula of Istria and nearby Kvarner with its enchanting tourist hinterland and tradition are certainly a good choice. Head to Poreč for the Easter Celebration and enjoy the celebration of this important holiday on the main town square for the Easter weekend. Try some Istrian delicacies, visit stalls and witness how Easter is celebrated in Poreč. Or choose the town with the longest catering history, Opatija. Visit Slatina for the exhibition of oldtimers held every Easter Monday. Such an attraction will surely fascinate the whole family, and the list of activities won’t stop with old luxury cars: in Opatija you can enjoy numerous concerts and music performances, invest time in an active and educacious vacation along the nordic horde through the history of Opatija, at the same time cheer your youngster up with an organized Easter egg hunt.

Easter is celebrated in an even more special way in Vodice, where the local men dressed in Roman uniforms play their role in the last week of Christ's life. This tradition also includes breakfast for Easter Monday. Under the blue sky of Vodice you can enjoy in some fritule and kroštule while being entertained by local folk groups and Dalmatian klape.

The northern regions of Croatia aren’t anything less attractive than the southern ones. Take to Veliki Tabor on Easter Monday and see the twilight of traditional societies and the promotion of traditional shooting from a firelock gun. This long-term manifestation presents one of the solemn traditions of the Croatian Zagorje. Make to the east and get to know the " Motozečeve " - take your little ones to Osijek where the members of the motto club, masked as Easter rabbits will welcome you with presents. After that, sit on the "Easter Tram", ride to Osijek and enjoy with the children in the Easter show with additional tiny gifts.

RIDECAR rent a car Osijek Easter by the regions of Croatia

Do not miss the springtime mood and take advantage of it by traveling with your family and enjoy the RIDECAR benefits. Rent a vehicle at promotional spring rates and benefit by getting a free GPS device to make it easier to explore through the Croatian regions.


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