Pick a route and excel your every expectation

Pick a route and excel your every expectation

You’re not the type of a person who thinks about spring weekends as an ideal chance to swing in a hammock and take a nap there with your belly full? You need something more on your vacation than the ordinary sightseeing and roaming the city? If you are the kind of person who loves to spend their time outdoors and have an amplified heartbeat meanwhile, be sure you can venture on a whole specter of excursions and part-take many activities.

6000 kilometers is an impressive number and it summarizes the total mileage of hiking routes in Croatia. The first adventure in line is only a short while away – the wider Zagreb region has a substantial hiking tradition on the hills of Žumberak or in the mountains of Hrvatsko zagorje. Clearly marked routes, numerous mountaineering refuges and the accessibility of starting points which can be reached by car, make Žumberak a very attractive location for more or less experienced mountaineers and a quick, city getaway.

The most important location for mountain climbing in Croatia is, of course, Velebit where the longest hiking route in the state resides. To venture Velebit is truly an epic journey – the pathway is 100 kilometers long and you need 9 days of climbing and descending to go through it. But, with the right guide, this tour can be an unforgettable experience: you will get a chance to see everything from Zavižan to Starigrad-Paklenica, all the time enjoying the sea sights and the untouched nature.

For adventurers in perfect shape, a possible option is also the highest peak of Croatia – Sinjal located on the monumental mountain Dinara. The ascents are long and steep but when you get on top, you can see the beautiful sights of Croatia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are more likely to recreate on two wheels, there is no lack of inspiration for an active vacation here either. Međimurje is a cycling paradise and fun is guaranteed thanks to the developed wine tourism. Take the route from „castle to castle“: 83 kilometers long it will take you from Varaždin across Lepoglava, all the way to Trakošćan and back to Varaždin while you discover the rich history and natural beauty of Međimurje region.

Proceed along the Drava river and you will arrive all the way to the far East of Croatia and Vukovar, passing along the way whole of Slavonija and enjoying the exciting Drava river. If you would like to get a sense of the Mediterranean atmosphere, choose Parenzana on the green peninsula of Istria – this is a convenient route for less experienced cyclists and people who appreciate fine food as well.

Options are abundant, all you need to do is pick your destination, get in the vehicle and let yourself have an adventure. Don't forget to bring a good company and a reliable passenger who, thanks to the RIDECAR offer, can be listed on the rent contract free of charge. Be safe on your journeys, especially does that can be exhausting and you use the chance given to you by RIDECAR to add an extra driver. All that is left for you then is to ride away to the next, exciting location.

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