Running – that's love!

Running – that's love!

RIDE2, proud partner of ZagrebLoveRun, supports the 8th edition of this charitable race to be held in Zagreb on 10 February 2019.

Those who run regularly live on average three years longer than people who are not physically active at all.

„I love to run, running - that's love, running is my life, running gives me extra energy and strength. After running and training, my thoughts are clearer, and my spirit is more peaceful. “These are just some of the statements you can hear from recreational runners and real fans of running.

Even if running is not your favorite activity, experts consider it to be one of the healthiest sports. Only 30 to 60 minutes of running weekly can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Those who run regularly live on average three years longer than people who are not physically active at all.

According to Dr. Henning Boecker and his research team, exercise encourages the production of endorphins in the brain. Endorphin is a biochemical compound and a type of enzyme that creates a sense of comfort, elevates mood and has the function of pain relief. To ensure that this thesis is scientifically confirmed, research was carried out on a reference group of ten long-distance runners. For the purposes of the study, the runners performed a two-hour training session. Runners were subjected to a PET scan before and after the training. They also had to solve a psychological test. The results showed that running produced endorphins that are related to the brain and which affect the mood and emotions. The conclusion of everything is "Mens sana in corpore sano" - a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

If you still haven't considered running or regular physical activity, we think its prime time to start. The first great opportunity is on 10 February 2019 when you can join the "Love at 5k" charity run. You can apply for a single entry or join in pairs. As of last year, the race was renamed ZagrebLoveRun with the intention of encouraging other places in Croatia to organize similar events.

You choose what and how you want to love, and we remind you that love can be found in everything, even in running. More information about the race can be found at www.zagreblove.run.

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