Take advantage of every opportunity and live to the fullest

Take advantage of every opportunity and live to the fullest

My world in which everyone drives by their own

I have to admit, at first, I didn’t believe I won the prize, but after I had a few calls with Tanja, who is really patient, I realized it’s an unforgettable weekend ahead of us.

Since there were two whole weeks until the trip, I started to research. Of course, I started with the main sponsor who made it possible for me to win the prize – RIDECAR rent a car company from Zagreb. I called them several times and their telephone support works flawlessly at any time. About their web site, there is no need to say much. Even though we have travelled a lot abroad and many times rented city cars, I have to admit, I’ve never seen such a transparent and functional website. At first sight, you can see they have vehicles for everyone’s taste. Of course, I was also intrigued by the specifications of the vehicle we had to drive to Rogaška Slatina and the surroundings.

After online informing about Rogaška Slatina, I have to admit I was a bit sceptic because we are a really active family who is often traveling to destinations worldwide and I was wondering are we going to experience it in the right way.

Finally, the departure day came. The RIDECAR employees called us several times while we were traveling from Rijeka to Zagreb to check how the trip is going and if we need any help with the navigation to their headquarters. When we arrived to the destination, it was obvious they’re a perfectly coordinated team that performs its job perfectly, accurately and professionally. Besides that, their headquarters is on a perfect location – opposite to the National university library in Zagreb.

The welcome was very warm. I took to the trip my wife and daughter, and we had the feeling we already know each other for a very long time. At that location, we could choose between BMW series 5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but we decided for a more classic approach – for the Mercedes. After my four year old daughter sat in the rear seat, she asked me: “Daddy, are we going to buy this car?” I said: “Maybe in another life.” Still, why wouldn’t we at least for a few days feel how business people and lottery winners live.

When we arrived to Rogaška Slatina, or to be more precise to the Atlantida Boutique Hotel, I must admit it fully justifies its stars. Besides the flawless interior and the equipment, the hotel is on a perfect location. Near the hotel is a sports recreation center, and on the nearby hill there is a fully equipped trim trail and a ski resort.

The hotel staff was apologizing that the object isn’t equipped with contents for children because it’s intended for a different type of clientele, but we have to admit that they have the best-equipped children’s park we ever saw in our life, just opposite to the hotel. And I repeat, in our life, and we were traveling everywhere. The hotel pool is a story for itself. Very spacious, with a beautiful interior, it offers more than a top wellness and spa experience even for families with children. In the afternoon, there was live music in the hotel lobby. The gastronomy there leaves you speechless, so we ate the steak tatare, caviar, cuttlefish risotto, and other top quality delicacies.

The center of Rogaška Slatina is very nicely decorated and the prices in the local coffee shops aren’t too big like in other destinations we’ve visited before. We were lucky when it came to the weather, it was almost like Summer. Looking from the terrace of the coffee shop and carelessly having a drink, we were becoming aware why this small destination is so popular for tourist who prefer that kind of tourism.

All the local sights are excellently shown on the signposts, so we visited the Saint Ana’s chapel, the Old Watch and so on. With the vehicle we were driving to Kosnica that is 10 kilometers away. We saw all the tourist attractions, like the King’s Springs, Mineral water spring, The old watermill and similar attractions. Basically, there are pedestrian and cycling trails that, if you ever get the chance, you have to visit because they provide a wonderful insight into the nature you should always have on mind.

There was one more day left on our trip so we decided to visit the Terme Olimia, which are only 11 kilometers away from Rogaška Slatina. We have visited many spas all around Europe, but the one thing we were enthused mostly about is the Family Fun Zone – pools for families with kids, that are charged additionally, but it’s worth it. That Family Zone provides top experience for kids, but we have to admit, the whole complex is very neat and doesn’t strive towards mass like some other similar centers we’ve visited.

What to say at the end, besides that we spent an extremely meaningful and dynamic weekend thanks to RIDECAR rent a car, the Naturala Life magazine and Atlantida Boutique Hotel, and went home relaxed, rested and full of impressions. We must admit, the prize overall exceeded our expectations and we warmly recommend all that we have mentioned in this brief review. While I’m writing this, my daughter is asking me from her room: “Daddy, will we go to that spa with that car again?” I said: “You never know.” Still, in life anything is possible, even that your photo is rated as the best and sends you on a luxurious journey.

I did not mention my photo that took me on this trip. It was taken when I was diving 40 meters deep at the wreck of the El Hawi star, in front of the lake breakwater. Back then I did not even dream that photo would bring me this wonderful trip. RIDECAR thank you from the bottom of my heart ... it was worth every minute and every meter of the dive ...


Predrag Šneler

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