Be the middleman and receive a fair commission

Be the middleman and receive a fair commission

An easy and simple way to come to a win-win situation

If you are renting accommodation or you have a business where you need a solution for passenger transport, we offer you to rent a car services and RIDE2 passenger transport with a professional driver as well as taxi services with a special, intermediary commission.

Professionalism and kindliness of our team is the guarantee of a mutual and long term contentment where you will be receiving an agent commission for every job you contract for us. While at the same time investing in the quality of your own business and improving your services, you will have the possibility to quickly and easily earn money and network on the market.

Offer advantages:

Solution to each of your transport demands and needs

Making new connections and contracting new business

An effortless and simple profit without the extra operational management and paperwork

Offer conditions:

For more information on the offer and commission contact us at the phone number: +385 72 800 100 or through the e-mail address: rezervacije@ridecar.hr

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