Dare to want more

Dare to want more

Purchase smaller, drive bigger

We are one of the many world organizations that are marking National Women's Day.

So that we don't celebrate exclusively for one day, for all the women throughout the month of March, we offer a special rent-a-car offer.

Choose your favorite vehicle brand and we will reward you with a vehicle of a bigger category. You always wanted to drive a Skoda Octavia, VW Polo or VW Golf?

Surprise your friends and use the chance to have a new adventure!

We recommend:

You choose                                                  You get

 RIDECAR Fiat Panda UP!   95,00 HRK/per day
 VW UP or similar  VW Polo or similar
      120,00 HRK/per day
 VW Polo or similar

VW Golf or similar

      150,00 HRK/per day

 VW Golf or similar

 Škoda Octavia or similar
  • Notice: The offer depends on vehicle availability.

Offer conditions:

The price includes: a one-day rental (24h), unlimited mileage, reduction of responsibility for damage or theft (CDW & TP), winter addition, VAT 25%.

The price doesn't include: a ransom of responsibility from involvement in damaging (LOSS), covering the glass surfaces, undercarriage, and wheels (WUG), gas.

Dare to want more and enjoy your month.

The offer is valid until 31.03.2019.

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