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Malfunction is caused by a damaged wheel/tire

In the case of a malfunction caused by a flat tire, or a damaged rim, please exchange it with a spare tire according to the instructions bellow.

Tire changing process:

  1. Please check that the vehicle is properly fixated by activating the hand brake, and by shifting the gear knob in to first speed or reverse (for automatic transmission switch it to P, and for robotic to N).
  2. Remove any luggage from the bunker, lift the bunker mat (according to the type of vehicle the spare tire can be located on the outside of the mat, bellow the bunker, in such a case the key for releasing the bolt is located on the left or right side of the bunker padding or below the passenger’s seat).
  3. Remove the spare tire and tools and place them outside of the vehicle.
  4. If the vehicle is equipped with a hub cap, remove it and carefully put it away.
  5. If the vehicle is equipped with alloy rims and has decorative caps on bolts, remove them with the included tool.
  6. If the vehicle has a safety bolt on the inside for securing the tire, release it by placing the extension for removing the anti-theft protection on the tire removal tool
  7. Release the wheel with the provided tool
  8. Place the car crane in the proper place, make sure to secure it properly for both your safety and the vehicles safety.   The crane must be placed on a firm and stable base before lifting the vehicle. If the base is slippery or not firm could move and damage your vehicle or hurt you. 
  9. After you have lifted the vehicle enough and the damaged wheel is no longer in contact with the ground loosen the bolts and remove the wheel from the vehicle.
  10. Put the spare wheel on your vehicle, while keeping it with your hand on the spindle. Place all the required bolts and secure them as far as you can.
  11. After you have lowered the vehicle secure the bolts fully, and check them twice to make certain everything is in order.
  12. After you have completed the wheel switch, put away all the equipment and the faulty wheel in to the bunker.
  13. If your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, you can continue your drive, while not passing 80 km/h to the nearest tire repairman. Please inform our technical support in the shortest possible period, so they can suggest repair possibilities per your agreed insurance policies.

Note: If you cannot set the spare wheel yourself, contact our technical support who will organize road assistance for you. However, even if you do have WUG-insurance, tire exchange service is not covered and will be fully charged to you.

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