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Problem with mechanical or electrical hand brake

If your vehicle is equipped with a mechanical handbrake, for easier release, always press and hold the brake pedal while releasing the hand brake. Always lift the hand brake a little, and press the button. In this way, you will lover the resistance and the hand brake will be easier to release.

If your vehicle is equipped with an electrical (automatic) hand brake, it is released automatically during vehicle start. But if your rented vehicle is equipped with a manual gear shift, the handbrake is automatically release when you switch the gear shift knob in to first speed or reverse and releasing the clutch while pushing the gas pedal. All doors must be closed at that time. Vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Škoda also have the Auto hold function, which if turned on stops the car from starting if the driver does not have his seatbelt on.

Advice 1: If you are parking your vehicle on a slope, make sure that alongside pulling the handbrake you also put the gear shift knob in first speed or in reverse (for automatic transmission in P, and robotic in N), and turn the wheel to the side.

Advice 2: If outside temperatures are below zero, when parking your vehicle, if possible, do not pull the hand brake so it would not freeze, and make vehicle starting impossible later. If the vehicle has manual transmission, leave the gear shift knob in first speed, for automatic transmission in P position, and for robotic transmission in N (after the vehicle is turned it will be automatically blocked).

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