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In such a case, try and stop the vehicle in the safest possible conditions, turn on all 4 signal lights, shut down the engine, activate the hand brake. After stopping the vehicle, be careful in leaving the vehicle, put on the reflective vest and put the signal triangle on the proper distance from the vehicle (look at the section „Safety driving tips “). In case of a vehicle malfunction during poor visibility conditions leave the lights on. Before contacting the technical support, prepare the following information, registration number of the vehicle, exact location of the brake down (address, highway kilometres, or GPS coordinates) and information on the nature of malfunction, If the repair of the vehicle cannot be completed in 24 hours we will provide you with a replacement vehicle or an alternative way of continuing your trip.

Note: The client must wait for the agreed upon road assistance and will be informed of their arrival and any other necessary information in the shortest possible time by the technical support.

Note: The procedure above is valid for both the Republic of Croatia and foreign countries.

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