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We give our best to make certain we provide you with a vehicle that has all the necessary fluids in the optimal level. Sadly, in very rare cases during high season the possibility of a vehicle signalling low level fluids exists. In case of:

Motor oil: As soon as the signal lamp turns on buy a litre of the proper motor oil at the first gas station or specialized store. After you turn of the engine, first add half a litre, then after a couple of minutes check the oil level which should be between the minimum and maximum mark. If the level is still too low add more till it reaches the optimal level. The type of oil the rented car uses can be checked the inside of the engines hood and in the vehicle documents etui.

Cooling fluid: To avoid engine overheat, as soon as the signal lamp turns on buy a litre of cooling fluid at the first gas station or specialized store. To make certain which type of cooling fluid you need, open the engine hood and check the colour of the current one and according to it purchase the new one. To avoid injuries, before opening he cooling fluid tank, make sure the engine has cooled down, and open the cap slowly.

AdBlue: Most of our vehicles running a diesel engine come equipped with so called AdBlue fluid, so they would be in line with strict European environment protection norms. Since in regular conditions there is enough of it for 15 000 to 25 000 km, or between two regular maintenance cycles, and since we adjust the level on a need to basis, it should be almost impossible for this fluid level to be low. However, if your instrument board, or central dashboard screen show the warning lamp and or message, please stop at the first gas station and buy at least 10 litres of AdBlue fluid, and fill it to the top of tank, per need you may need to pour in more than 10 litres. The cap for the tank for the mentioned fluid, depending on the vehicle type is either in the bunker below the spare wheel, on the side of the bunker or next to the fuel tank. Please do not ignore this warning so the cars electronic would not limit further driving and cause you any uncomfortable situations.

Windshield wiper fluid:  In case of low windshield wiper fluid, please buy it at a gas station, specialized store, or supermarket. Depending on the time of the year, use either summer or winter fluid, summer fluid for easier bug removal, and winter fluid so it would not freeze at low temperatures.

Note: In case you bought a certain fluid that was missing in the rented vehicle, please when paying for it take an R1 invoice on the RIDECAR d.o.o company name. If you do not include the R1 invoice at vehicle drop off, we will not be able to reimburse you for the amount spent.

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