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Resetting the indicator of improper tire pressure

If the tire pressure indicator appears on the instrument panel and the central display on the dashboard, please adjust the tire pressure according to the sticker on the driver’s side of the door, or the inside of the fuel tank cap. In case your vehicle has:

Indirect tire pressure surveilence/control system: After adjusting the pressure in all 4 tires, according to the vehicles model, hold the indicator switch until the sound signal, or deactivate it through the central dashboard screen in the Vehicle Parameters screen.

Direct tire pressure control system: After adjusting the tire pressure in all 4 tires, the light indicator and the message on the central screen turn off, and you can read the new tire pressure for every separate tire on the central dashboard screen under the Vehicle Parameters screen and or via the travel computer. The tire pressure indicator can also turn off after a couple of minutes of driving.

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