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Additional costs during the rental period

  • Loss or theft of luggage and or personal items from the vehicle;
  • Parking tickets or fines, traffic violations and such;
  • Costs due to refuelling with the wrong fuel type;
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car keys;
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car documents;
  • Expenses due to negligence – empty battery;
  • Expenses due to damage to the car’s interior;
  • Costs of lost equipment (spare tire, tire repair kit, bunker shelves, document etui, driver’s manual);
  • Expenses due to damage to additional equipment;
  • Expenses due to car misuse;
  • Expenses due to ignoring instruction for car maintenance stated in the cars service book;
  • Expenses to the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Costs of car extraction from inaccessible areas (e.g. extraction from mud due to traveling outside regular road infrastructure);
  • Expenses incurred by using dirt roads;
  • Expenses incurred by car racing or cars participation in sport events;
  • Expenses due to overburdening the car with people or cargo;
  • Damage costs caused by a person not stated in the contract as the main or additional driver;
  • Costs created in cases when the main driver or additional driver stated In the rental contract does not have a valid driver’s licence or has a ban on driving motor vehicles.

Other: Damaged windscreen wipers or locks, loss or theft of outside parts of the vehicle without a police record, damage costs incurred by usage of roof carriers or luggage on carriers, damage caused by improper handling of luggage and or putting cargo or luggage on the roof, hood etc., as well as expenses caused by ignoring sound and visual warnings of the vehicle.

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